International Leonberger weekend in Kristiansand, Norway

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International Leonberger weekend in Kristiansand

On June 24th and 25th, 2023, the Norwegian Leonberger Club organizes a Leonberger meeting, where Newfoundland dogs are also invited. The highlight is the 3rd IULH World Winner Show on June 24th followed by a Leonberger Special Show on June 25th.
Francesca Mavilla (Italy), Agi Hejja (USA) and Thomas Walker (Austria) (Newfoundland and reserve judge Leonberger) are invited as judges for the World Winner Show. For the special show Michele Utke Ramsing (Denmark) and Carla Dusseldorp (Netherlands) (Newfoundland reserve judge Leonberger).

The exhibition center is 13 km from the ferry terminal and 5 km from the airport.
Camping spaces, apartments and huts are available directly at the showground.

Everyone is invited to a joint barbecue on Saturday.

There are many great prizes to be won in the raffle.

To participate in the show, dogs must have a valid rabies and distemper vaccination and have been dewormed by a veterinarian between 24 and 120 hours before arrival in Norway. No other requirements are made.

The interesting thing for participants is that in addition to the world winner titles, the German CACs (Club) of the DCLH and the Norwegian CAC are awarded at both shows.
CACs from the German Leonberger Club are awarded in junior class, veteran class, open class, intermediate class and champion class.
Foreign dogs with a Champion title only need 1 CAC to become a Norwegian Champion.

More titles to be won at the Leonberger IULH World Winner Show on June 24, 2023:

IULH Hope – Baby Class (males and females).
IULH Young Promise – Puppy Class (males and females).
IULH World Championship Junior Winner – (Males and Bitches).
IULH World Championship Winner – (males and females).
IULH World Championship Veteran Winner – (males and females).

All placed dogs get a trophy.
Several sponsors provide prizes among which placed dogs are divided.

For more information and registration:

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